Message from CEO

A Value Beyond Travel

Hanatour ITC is an inbound specialized travel agency with 100% share of Hanatour. Hanatour ITC is specialized in inbound and intra-bound and it communicates with national institutes and local autonomous entities for the development of Korean inbound travel industry to develop domestic and overseas contents and to provide them to various domestic and global channels.

In preparation to the new upcoming inbound market changes after COVID-19, all executives and staff of Hanatour ITC are trying their best to create a sound inbound market in Korea by developing from the existing package-oriented supply to other new products such as FIT and MICE that customers need.

Make a Difference!

In the changes of the time, the most important parts are brand, platform, and contents. Based on the brand of Hanatour accumulated over the long time of experiences, Hanatour ITC seeks to collaborate with various platforms and turn rough stones, various travel contents of Korea, into valuable jewels.

The future will be the time of convergence. Hanatour ITC promises to work with various contents platforms with the open mind to contribute on development of the travel industry in Korea.